NTAD has gained planning approval and listed building consent for an oak framed garden room extension to the very small and lovely, Peephole Cottage. The dwelling is a grade II listed cottage and located on the outskirts of the medieval village of Dunster in West Somerset. 

cottage dunster listed extension nick thorne somerset

Peepholes benefits from a very long cottage garden with a view over the neighbouring rooftops toward Conygar Tower (as seen in the top left of the photo below).

extension oak framed garden room exmoor nick thorne
cottage garden room extension somerset dunster listed oak frame

The extension will relocate the kitchen and dining area in an oak framed extension with large glazed gable windows (frameless). The glazing and conservation rooflights are located to retain the view towards the tower from inside the extension. A glazed link will separate the old and new structures creating a more formal rear entrance and hallway that will accommodate a modest boot and coat store, utility cupboard and shower room. The kitchen will also connect to a small existing outbuilding to form a new pantry.

The listed building consent also includes measures to improve the energy efficency of the dwelling. These include a new heating system and discrete secondary glazing.

AuthorNick Thorne